May 29, 2008


This is our new favorite book. I just read it for the million and seventh time. It was a big sister gift for A. Lee, and she sleeps with it, even...that's how much we LOVE this book right now. I mostly love hearing her ask to read it, too...something about the way her sweet little voice asks for pinkalicious cracks me up. It sounds so toddlerghettofabulous.

I was sharing with the ladies today at "muffin morning" that it is just SO difficult for me to get out of the house. It drives me nuts. I mean, the muffins weren't until 10:30, and still....trying to feed both girls...get us all dressed (forget trying to work in a shower), packed, change spit up or poo for the 3rd time, pack the slightly charred chocolate chip muffins, oh ..and wait..did I brush my teeth..yep...gaw...still I manged to be 45 min. late. I's not that difficult. What am I doing wrong?

Thankfully, a wise mommy told me her secret (and hers are 13 months apart, so I believe anything this woman says)...and it's who to get dressed and when, and then go put A. Lee in the car, so I can gather everything up and get it out. She's a genius. I think part of my problem is I think that it takes me the 2 min. to get to the car like it used to, and it just doesn't. All of you ladies that told me, "don't worry...having two is SO much easier" and "the 2nd time around is cake"....were you on some kind of special Mommy crack that I haven't heard of yet? I am just kidding...but, really, you on time Moms get the big kudos from me. One of these days I will be on time.

Speaking of crackheads.... sweet little girl is missing somewhere. She tried to bite me 3 times today and has PERFECTED the art of ignoring. Also, when I say, "I love you...", she replies, "no, I love my Daddy." GREAT. So do I, but throw me a frickin' bone or something....I even made you pinkalicous cupcakes tonight. Sigh. The teenage years are gonna be so much fun!

May 27, 2008

some funnies...

This is A. Lee at H. & R.'s wedding. She and her new "best friend" M., (that she cried for the whole week after the wedding, b/c she didn't understand we'd have to fly to the east coast to go to her house) discovered that they could stand on the air vents and their dresses would blow, Marilyn style. Thank goodness for these vents, b/c they kept them entertained for seriously like half of the reception...not kidding.

This is my little princess imitating Mommy. You see in the first two weeks that we had S. home, I had to pump to maintain my supply of breast milk. S. was a "near term" and would fall asleep after about 5 minutes of eating. This would be A. Lee pumping with her ducky suction cups that hold the net for her bathtub toys. Pretty clever gal, that one.

We've really been working hard at encouraging potty training. We're trying not to force her and encouraging her to go pretty often, but you can't make them do, we're being really patient. Frustrated, but patient. Tonight, A. Lee was hiding in the nursery under S.'s crib when Daddy went in to find her to put her on the potty and then the bathtub. A. Lee screams at him and says, "No! You stay right there....I'm crazy!!!" Of course, he's trying with all of his might not to laugh and says, "well it's time to go get ready for bed now, honey"... She replies, "I'm going stinky. I'll call you in a minute."

May 25, 2008

sunshine day

Adorable, or what? Her Aunt H. bought her this shirt for Christmas, and I just love it on her. I wish I had some little glasses to put on her, even. This was on a short walk yesterday, so that Daddy could have some peace while he was doing the trim work in the girls' room. We still need to putty, caulk and paint the trim, but it looks SO good. A. Lee will be spending her first night in her "big girl room" tonight, and as I was putting the crib back together for S., I almost cried. My sweet little girl has grown up soooo fast.
Hooray! This was to cool off after our walk. Don't you remember how fun running through the sprinkler used to be? Talk about multitasking, eh? Only thing missing from this perfect scene is Popsicles!
She was a little too tired after our walk to enjoy sprinkler time. :) Look at those adorable, chunky cheeks! You know you want to pinch them. She's almost 2 months old, can you believe it? I can't!
Scott's glorious green thumb.....

May 24, 2008


well, does anyone else experience getting sucked in by the internets? that happened to me last night. my silly sleep deprived self stayed up till about 3 am working on this thing. i do consider myself a night owl, but a new mommy needs every wink, yo.

today is gorgeous here in small town, wa. instead of going somewhere fun this weekend, we're dedicating it to finally finishing the girls' rooms. a. lee will have her big girl room and miss s. might move to her crib soon! hooray!
she actually (so far...and fingers crossed) is a way better sleeper than a. lee. our longest stretch is 5 hours and she's only 7.5 weeks! it's amazing how different they are from the get go.

a funny i'll share with you from a. lee. we were having lunch yesterday together and one of my two dachshunds was standing at the door in the cold yesterday waiting to come in. when molly is cold, she stands on 3 legs, as if putting the 4th one down would just put her over the edge or something, right?

giggle...well, anyways, a. lee says, "molly is standing like the chicken, mommy." i was thinking ...well, maybe she saw the chickens standing like that at aunt k & c's house or something last summer...but, no, a. lee meant that molly was standing like the chicken from the Big Red Barn. amazing kid, i'm telling you.

p.s. if you blog, and would like to share, i'd love to link you!

a. lee

i love little hineys. this was taken at the lake near our house. we had a random 90+ heat wave last weekend and then it was back down in the 40s this week.

we are obviously ready for summer!

our sweet baby


howdy. i'm following in other blogger footsteps and will make this a central location for friends and family who are interested to check in with us for daily happenings. hopefully, this will be a wonderful way for me to archive our family and keep up with you all!