May 24, 2008


well, does anyone else experience getting sucked in by the internets? that happened to me last night. my silly sleep deprived self stayed up till about 3 am working on this thing. i do consider myself a night owl, but a new mommy needs every wink, yo.

today is gorgeous here in small town, wa. instead of going somewhere fun this weekend, we're dedicating it to finally finishing the girls' rooms. a. lee will have her big girl room and miss s. might move to her crib soon! hooray!
she actually (so far...and fingers crossed) is a way better sleeper than a. lee. our longest stretch is 5 hours and she's only 7.5 weeks! it's amazing how different they are from the get go.

a funny i'll share with you from a. lee. we were having lunch yesterday together and one of my two dachshunds was standing at the door in the cold yesterday waiting to come in. when molly is cold, she stands on 3 legs, as if putting the 4th one down would just put her over the edge or something, right?

giggle...well, anyways, a. lee says, "molly is standing like the chicken, mommy." i was thinking ...well, maybe she saw the chickens standing like that at aunt k & c's house or something last summer...but, no, a. lee meant that molly was standing like the chicken from the Big Red Barn. amazing kid, i'm telling you.

p.s. if you blog, and would like to share, i'd love to link you!