May 27, 2008

some funnies...

This is A. Lee at H. & R.'s wedding. She and her new "best friend" M., (that she cried for the whole week after the wedding, b/c she didn't understand we'd have to fly to the east coast to go to her house) discovered that they could stand on the air vents and their dresses would blow, Marilyn style. Thank goodness for these vents, b/c they kept them entertained for seriously like half of the reception...not kidding.

This is my little princess imitating Mommy. You see in the first two weeks that we had S. home, I had to pump to maintain my supply of breast milk. S. was a "near term" and would fall asleep after about 5 minutes of eating. This would be A. Lee pumping with her ducky suction cups that hold the net for her bathtub toys. Pretty clever gal, that one.

We've really been working hard at encouraging potty training. We're trying not to force her and encouraging her to go pretty often, but you can't make them do, we're being really patient. Frustrated, but patient. Tonight, A. Lee was hiding in the nursery under S.'s crib when Daddy went in to find her to put her on the potty and then the bathtub. A. Lee screams at him and says, "No! You stay right there....I'm crazy!!!" Of course, he's trying with all of his might not to laugh and says, "well it's time to go get ready for bed now, honey"... She replies, "I'm going stinky. I'll call you in a minute."