May 25, 2008

sunshine day

Adorable, or what? Her Aunt H. bought her this shirt for Christmas, and I just love it on her. I wish I had some little glasses to put on her, even. This was on a short walk yesterday, so that Daddy could have some peace while he was doing the trim work in the girls' room. We still need to putty, caulk and paint the trim, but it looks SO good. A. Lee will be spending her first night in her "big girl room" tonight, and as I was putting the crib back together for S., I almost cried. My sweet little girl has grown up soooo fast.
Hooray! This was to cool off after our walk. Don't you remember how fun running through the sprinkler used to be? Talk about multitasking, eh? Only thing missing from this perfect scene is Popsicles!
She was a little too tired after our walk to enjoy sprinkler time. :) Look at those adorable, chunky cheeks! You know you want to pinch them. She's almost 2 months old, can you believe it? I can't!
Scott's glorious green thumb.....