June 27, 2008

Advice from Uncle John

I'm still laughing about this one. Most of you know that my little brother is just about one of the funniest people I know. Here's his advice for A. Lee:

Maybe a comfortable muzzle would help. You could paint it a pretty shade of pink and tell her its a "big girl mask." That would also be "sneaky!"


June 25, 2008

surreptitious cuisine

yep. don't you just love that adjective? i just heart it.
know what else i heart? when my husband calls me on the way home from work and asks, "What's for dinner?" and I reply, "Sneaky (insert food item here)."
Sneaky pasta sauce (with pureed garlic, onions, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini & sweet potatoes) w/whole grain spaghetti, check.
Sneaky "chocolate ice cream shake" = bananas/yogurt/applesauce/honey/wheat germ and/or "green juice" (which is basically spinach juice) with an itty bitty teaspoon of cocoa powder, check.
Sneaky Mac n Cheese (yes, Easy Mac all you want baby) w/pureed cauliflower, carrots, zucchini & sweet potatoes & extra sharp cheddar tillamook, check.
Sneaky Grilled Cheese on Whole Wheat Bread w/ the orange blend (carrots/sweet potatoes) hidden in there, well....1/2 check. She filled up on the smoothie, and apparently only eats grilled cheese sandwiches for our Grandma and when Holden is here, but not for Mama.
I am LOVING the Sneaky Chef. Scott and I both agreed that that pasta sauce was darn near our most favorite homemade sauce, yet...and there wasn't a teensy bit of basil or spice!
If you have a picky toddler, or want to learn how to make your own babyfood, or even a picky husband or wife (yes, me), this book will drastically change your life.
Hooray for food. Hooray for healthy baby girls!!!!

Don't bite the hand that feeds

Oh, that I wish my two year old could UNDERSTAND.
So, two weeks ago, A. Lee decided to add biting to her repertoire of aggressive behaviors since Miss S. was born. Sigh. Scream. Cry. Help?
Seriously, I do not want to be the mommy that gets asked not to come back to playgroup or preschool, or for A. Lee to be renowned as the horrid biter of the clan.
There are a myriad of emotions I'm experiencing while dealing with this that pretty much moved me to embarrassing tears at playgroup yesterday. For those who really know me, yeah, you've seen me cry dozens of times, but for most everyone else...that side don't pop out that much. Meh.
So far, she bit our wonderful little buddy, Charlie..the ONLY boy in her playgroup and ALMOST got him yesterday b/c he wanted the same sand bucket she was using. I mean, come ON. A. Lee has been talking since before she could WALK. Why doesn't "use your words" work for her, then? I have no clue. I know it's a phase. I know I can't control it. I know it can be typical toddler behavior, and that some children have difficulty expressing and/or containing their emotions. I used to work with high risk kids, ya know...but, it's SO different when it's your own. I blame myself (but, not too much) for some kind of parenting I must be missing or something. I mean, trust me when I tell you I have read a ka-zillion books on parenting, and dutifully pay attention in our co-op preschool when it comes to discipline and positive reinforcement and love and logic and yada yada....but, something is not working. How many times can you love and logic your way out of biting without someone being bitten?
I don't really care to get into the whole discipline argument, and I was spanked and don't really feel like it damaged my self esteem all that much, and it worked for me...but, it doesn't always work for everybody...and the few times I have actually lightly spanked her, (about 4) I cried harder than she did (and no, not in front of her). I just don't think it will work, but we will see.
Isolation is the only natural consequence I'm in favor of and comfortable with right now, and no, not the solitary kind...the okay time to go, you don't get to play with your friends or toys anymore kind. Hopefully, her little mind will put two and two together, and we can rationally work through it together.
I guess to end on a positive note, it's a good thing my little Miss S. is such a good sleeper (already sleeping like 6+ hours at night), and is getting into a routine now, b/c we'll need to be here a lot more anyways. Hopefully, now that she's napping/sleeping much more, all that Mommy & A. Lee time will balance out this chomping phase. Otherwise, I'm gonna let Charlie bite her back.

June 18, 2008

11 weeks?!

I can't even believe how fast the time has gone....look at her. So so so blessed with some beautiful baby girls.
I'm also so lucky that my friend, Jamie is so talented....these are SO precious to me. I was wondering after skimming through her blog how she EVER chooses which ones to frame, b/c they're all SO FREAKING GOOD.
We are sleep training now, and the first full day of potty training was today! We did pretty well...3 tee-tees in the potty (IF I HAVE TO HEAR "ELMO CAN USE THE POTTY" ONE. MORE. TIME) and one accident, but hopefully, we're on our way!
We have just two short weeks till we're vacationing for the 4th of July with Grandma and Papa & some pretty awesome buds at Pine Mt. Lake! In the last 5 years of PML, it's hilarious to think about how quickly we all went from stopping at Costco for beer to now stopping for diapers. I love it up there, and am so fortunate we're gonna be sharing PML with our bebes.
Then, we have Labor Day to look forward to! We're heading down to AL for two weeks (one with Daddy) and the next I'm on my own! Yikes! We'll be down in South AL the whole time and I'm really looking forward to our future vacations down there with my family...it will feel wonderful for our kids to grow up on the same beach I did!!!
I gotta go to bed...I stayed up way too late "partying" with the ladies in our almost functional hot tub. My ladies are the bestest.

June 12, 2008

au naturel

yes, folks...another post.
this one is way more entertaining than the voting one (but, vote for us, anyways).
so, i've been sitting here at the computer, working on my very first service project email as the new co-vp admin. of our mom's club thinking all of this time, wow...it's so quiet...our lunch/story/nap routine went GREAT...today...we're on a new rhythm this week...reading a few stories, allowing her just one book and then night-night...been working out great, right? of course, you experienced moms know that when it's quiet...it's they either really are passed out, or they're up to something...and boy are they.
part of a. lee's fun new toddler independence is dressing/undressing herself. sure enough, i go in to spy on my adorable sleeping sweetheart (b/c they do look so precious sleeping, don't they?), and she's in her big girl bed with about 25 of her books, reading happy as all get out, 100% NEKKID.
what goes through those little minds?

Vote for US!!!

Anna Lee and Shelby need your help! We've entered a "Love My Kids" contest through a photographer that my sister has thoroughly enjoyed since before her son, Holden was even born.

The details are here, if you are interested in reading them...

But, basically, we need you to vote by clicking on our entry, "Pete does not like Tea", and by posting a comment under the entry after you click to vote. To be a valid vote, you need make sure to use a valid email address so they may confirm your vote. If you have more than one email address (like we do), please feel free to vote twice. :)

The grand prize: A free session and an unframed 40x40 Art Canvas valued at 1,600.

They also have 4 runner-up awards, so every vote counts!!! Here's the website to VOTE: http://whispersphotography.typepad.com/whispers_photography/2008/06/time-to-start-voting.html

THANKS (and forward to your friends/family),Laura, Scott, Anna Lee & Shelby

p.s. My sister and Holden are also in the running under "Seattle Cool Kid", but we have agreed that she gets all of my family's votes, so I'm relying on Scott's fam and our friends!!!

June 6, 2008

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful....GIRLS.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Look at these precious little girls we have been so lucky to have come into our lives. Man. The open mouth, no tooth smiles are my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I decided to post these photographs to end my day on a positive note, because..........
Today was one of those days. I could have pulled my hair out a million times, we were ALL in our pajamas covered in breast milk, spit up, oatmeal and well, let's just be honest...probably some poop, when Scott got home today.
The weather is driving us NUTS...it's JUNE, 50 degrees and it poured rain all day. We had the fireplace going! Seriously. Ugh. We read a million books, watched way too much Noggin and PBS. Miss S. for some reason would sleep like a little angel in my arms, but as soon as I put her down, she just wasn't having it. A. Lee decided to play in her room for TWO hours before going to sleep. Yes, I know that Healthy Sleep Habits recommends just an hour before waiting for the next sleep cycle..but, I NEEDED her to sleep. She was chanting, "I do not want to zip my mouth, Mommy, I'm CRAZY." Over and over again. This crazy thing was cute the first time, you know from the tent...but, now it's kinda weird.
Anyways, on a lighter note, Scott did get home and he is such an amazing husband and father and I got some time to myself and a bath, even..as he strapped on the Bjorn, and danced around with A. Lee. He stopped at the grocery store on the way home AND made dinner! Yes, I'm lucky. I also get a girls' night tomorrow night to go see Sex and the City and it will be my first stretch of time beyond about an hour away from Miss S. I think we'll do just fine, and Daddy is looking forward to spending the afternoon/evening with these two lovely ladies. I'll let you know how it goes. Have a great weekend!

June 2, 2008

smilin' for the camera...

She just started smiling last week! Today Miss S. is nine weeks old, and I can't believe how fast they've flown! Thought I'd share just a LITTLE of the sweetness with ya!