June 18, 2008

11 weeks?!

I can't even believe how fast the time has gone....look at her. So so so blessed with some beautiful baby girls.
I'm also so lucky that my friend, Jamie is so talented....these are SO precious to me. I was wondering after skimming through her blog how she EVER chooses which ones to frame, b/c they're all SO FREAKING GOOD.
We are sleep training now, and the first full day of potty training was today! We did pretty well...3 tee-tees in the potty (IF I HAVE TO HEAR "ELMO CAN USE THE POTTY" ONE. MORE. TIME) and one accident, but hopefully, we're on our way!
We have just two short weeks till we're vacationing for the 4th of July with Grandma and Papa & some pretty awesome buds at Pine Mt. Lake! In the last 5 years of PML, it's hilarious to think about how quickly we all went from stopping at Costco for beer to now stopping for diapers. I love it up there, and am so fortunate we're gonna be sharing PML with our bebes.
Then, we have Labor Day to look forward to! We're heading down to AL for two weeks (one with Daddy) and the next I'm on my own! Yikes! We'll be down in South AL the whole time and I'm really looking forward to our future vacations down there with my family...it will feel wonderful for our kids to grow up on the same beach I did!!!
I gotta go to bed...I stayed up way too late "partying" with the ladies in our almost functional hot tub. My ladies are the bestest.