June 12, 2008

au naturel

yes, folks...another post.
this one is way more entertaining than the voting one (but, vote for us, anyways).
so, i've been sitting here at the computer, working on my very first service project email as the new co-vp admin. of our mom's club thinking all of this time, wow...it's so quiet...our lunch/story/nap routine went GREAT...today...we're on a new rhythm this week...reading a few stories, allowing her just one book and then night-night...been working out great, right? of course, you experienced moms know that when it's quiet...it's they either really are passed out, or they're up to something...and boy are they.
part of a. lee's fun new toddler independence is dressing/undressing herself. sure enough, i go in to spy on my adorable sleeping sweetheart (b/c they do look so precious sleeping, don't they?), and she's in her big girl bed with about 25 of her books, reading happy as all get out, 100% NEKKID.
what goes through those little minds?