June 12, 2008

Vote for US!!!

Anna Lee and Shelby need your help! We've entered a "Love My Kids" contest through a photographer that my sister has thoroughly enjoyed since before her son, Holden was even born.

The details are here, if you are interested in reading them...

But, basically, we need you to vote by clicking on our entry, "Pete does not like Tea", and by posting a comment under the entry after you click to vote. To be a valid vote, you need make sure to use a valid email address so they may confirm your vote. If you have more than one email address (like we do), please feel free to vote twice. :)

The grand prize: A free session and an unframed 40x40 Art Canvas valued at 1,600.

They also have 4 runner-up awards, so every vote counts!!! Here's the website to VOTE: http://whispersphotography.typepad.com/whispers_photography/2008/06/time-to-start-voting.html

THANKS (and forward to your friends/family),Laura, Scott, Anna Lee & Shelby

p.s. My sister and Holden are also in the running under "Seattle Cool Kid", but we have agreed that she gets all of my family's votes, so I'm relying on Scott's fam and our friends!!!