July 21, 2008

Weekend, finale.

I went in to the nursery this evening to check on Miss S. before I started blogging this evening, and she was completely unswaddled and had rolled OVER!

Aww...I didn't get a photo, b/c I was too freaked out I picked her up right away, but she did it! At 16 weeks, little Miss S. has completed another milestone. Sniffle.

Here are some photos from earlier today, struggling to roll over and MAD that she was stuck!!

Weekend, swim time!!!!

So, we've been going through a bizarre nap refusal period lately, since we've returned from the cabin vacation. She averages about every other day taking a nap...and on the days of no nap, she's still in her room just reading away with 50 or so books piled with her in the bed. She either crashes on the no nap days or is so overtired it's a nightmare for all.

I know what you WANT to say, but don't. She's too young to "give up naps." If you don't believe me, go buy yourself a copy of Dr. Marc Weissbluth's, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I read it when we trained A. Lee to sleep on her own, and haven't really had to re-read all that much with Miss S., b/c my angel baby is already sleeping through the night with an occasional dream feed around 11...and I'm always up then, as you can see by the time of this post. (Grr...I need to read this book for myself, eh?)

Anyways, a really good friend of mine and I have had similar experiences with our toddler/preschooler, and I have to believe it still has something to do with the arrival of the babies. Being a first born, A. Lee thrives with structure and she likes visual learning with lists. Weissbluth's method of issuing "Sleep Rules" worked like a CHARM (at least for today at nap and tonight!!!) It works similarly to potty training in that if they follow rules 1-4, they get a reward. She did today, and I went BIG with the reward to show her how pleased Mama & Daddy were she took a nap!
Here's hoping I can entertain her with smaller rewards.....

July 20, 2008


Thanks to our friends' Wally & Erik, we have been inspired to join in the red wiggler fun! It felt really great building our worm condo (complete with handles and casters, yo) today and I can't wait until we have our own little garden on the side of the house that we'll be enriching with worm poo.
For your own set of plans, click here and click on Worm Bin Plans. This is also a great educational website for composting! Thanks, Seattle Tilth.
Bet you didn't think I could work a saw like that, did ya? Yeah, yeah...go ahead and make fun of my safety glasses and protective mask...but, I am allergic to sawdust so it's a must.

Skookum Falls

For some reason, I think I put so many photos in the last one that I couldn't figure out how to post text in between...but, basically, we have had an amazing weekend as a family. Saturday morning, we woke up early and headed east toward Crystal Mt. and Mt. Rainier and met up with some other parishioners and Father Chuck of St. Barbara Parish and went on a hike to Skookum Falls. It was a very easy trail and A. Lee hiked about half of it all by herself!
Lots of gorgeous old growth forest...those trees were just amazing. We hiked along the White River most of the way to the falls where we had a picnic lunch with everyone and headed back. Eventually, we as parents will get used to hauling extra little girl pounds on our backs, but I'm happy A. Lee is getting to the age where she wants to get out and explore on her own! It was a gorgeous morning.

We headed from there to our friends' Shelley and Shane post wedding celebration. They were married in May, in Missouri and most of us couldn't make the trip due to newborns, so it was nice to be able to celebrate them with Conco friends!

Weekend, Part 1 - Hike to Skookum Falls

July 17, 2008

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Who needs a binky, when you have pointer and tall man, yo? Love this. This is one of Miss S.'s new tricks this week. Hooray for self pacification!!! She is also working SO hard on rolling over. Does time fly, or what? She can get over on her side with one little foot over, but gets stuck there. So soon, so soon!
My other little baby girl loves smoothies so much (this is how I sneak in every single possible fruit I can, since she won't eat fruit) that she's forgotten how to just eat yogurt. Whatever works, right? Hooray for Trader Joe's bananas and cream. Tasty!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is good.

July 15, 2008

Oh, sweet silence. You really are GOLDEN.

I'm gonna go lie down myself, thank you very much.

July 14, 2008

Keep Kate in your thoughts and prayers!

This sweet little girl is my best friend, Tiffany's niece.

Pray for Kate and her entire family as they struggle with this horrible prognosis.

July 11, 2008

Cashews were the culprit.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'm hitting up Trader Joe's and PCC in Issaquah at some point this weekend for a whole new nut free shopping experience.

We're also allergic to dogs/cats. Anyone need some wiener dogs? Those are obviously not as severe, and no, we're not really giving up our doggies, but I think my poor child's eczema has been related to Willie and Molly her whole little life.

Anyone need some Johnson & Johnson products? We've gotta stock up on some different soaps, too. Yes, tree nuts can be used in soaps/lotions.

Save your cetaphil and eucarin coupons for me. I'm gonna need 'em.

July 8, 2008


This was the very first time that A. Lee had ever seen fireworks. She crashed last year before they started up, and finally made it till 9 o'clock for the show! Look at that beautiful face of hers! She loved them. Even said the pink ones were pinkalicious firecrackers!
We had a wonderful time watching them on the lake and as I was sitting there, I realized it's the beginnings of our family traditions with our children. Scott and I have been sitting on that pier watching those fireworks since we met. It was amazing sharing with our sweet little girl.
More fun photographs to come...blogger is having some issues...and I have got to go to bed!

Forbidden foods....and perspective.

Okay, so this is so not the fun filled 4th of July post you were thinking just yet...that is in progress and will be posted very soon complete with some awesome photographs from the weekend....but, this...this is scary, but necessary...so brace yourselves and read on.

I know I am not the only mother that has ever had to endure a food allergy or an allergic reaction. I have watched my nephew suffer from food allergies, as well as seasonal ones, including asthma, eczema and breathing treatments galore....and now the poor baby has to get shots, but they keep him from being miserable and that is what is important.

So far, we've been in the clear with only mild dust/pollen allergies (seasonally) and eczema (seasonally, as well). I breastfed for 14 months w/A. Lee and followed all of the food introduction rules, and if I'd been sitting where Scott was, I would have let her munch on the healthy treat, myself.

It was Friday, 4th of July (thankfully, at Pine Mt. Lake, they do the fireworks Saturday evening, so she didn't have to miss the show), and I was either breastfeeding Miss S. or in the shower...kind of a blur...while Scott was feeding A. Lee her dinner of mac-n-cheese. Gamma had bought a bunch of yummy healthy treats for us all at Costco, and offered A. Lee a sample of Mrs. Mays Black Sesame (which she spit out) and Cashew Crunch, and she ate only one square of the cashew crunch. THANK GOD.

She was super fussy, b/c we didn't nap this weekend with vacationing excitement and I took over feeding her outside on the porch. She finished her little bowl of mac-n-cheese with me and then I noticed her lips and all around her mouth beginning to puff up, swell and turn white. I immediately asked what the culprit could have been, and gave her the only antihistamine I had with me, Loratadine, which is Claritin for children and held her until I could get a hold of my sister.

My sister, A.B. works as an E.R./Trauma nurse, and has dealt with H.'s allergies for as long as I could remember. She calmly explained what to do and sort of guided us through what to expect in the next half hour. I sat with my baby in my arms watching her swell, and scream that her tummy needed a band-aid and then she passed out right there in my arms. For those of you who know A. Lee, you know that my child doesn't curl up and go to sleep...that was the scariest part. A.B. said it was her body's way of shutting down and preparing to reject the food. Sure enough, thirty seconds later she violently threw up everything in her little stomach and broke out into hives all over.

We had already sent our friends to the store for benadryl topical when she first started to swell, and had to send them back for children's benadryl per my sister's advice. For future reference, (in case this ever happens to you), you can split an adult's benadryl in half and give to them, b/c the dosage they need is 12.5 mg. Our poor friend, T. was begging the folks at the Groveland Market (Main St. Market) to let us in for the benadryl b/c they were closing up to go home to their families. Thank God T. carries cash...that was the only reason they let him in (well, that and he explained our urgent situation). THANK YOU, T.

Two hours later, we were hive free, curled up on the couch together watching our "Letter Movie" our friend, Charlie loaned us for the trip, and she passed out from exhaustion...breathing fine. This has been the scariest moment, so far, in my parenting life.

I am so thankful for my amazing husband who supports me and doesn't get mad at me for ordering him who to send to the store, and who hoses throw up off of his wife and daughter's clothes, and calms me and reassures me so that I can remain calm for our baby girl, and then holds me while I cry an hour after she's gone to bed safe and sound and the adrenalin is gone from my body.

I am thankful for an incredible support system of family and friends...without you, I couldn't have walked through that so calmly. I am thankful that the product of enduring a difficult situation was perspective. I need to be just a little bit more prepared for situations such as these away from home*. I need to sit and hold my child more (if she won't squirm out). I need to remind myself daily that that small stuff I'm sweating is meaningless, small stuff. I am blessed with this beautiful family, and THIS is what is important.

*always always always have benadryl with me. grandparents, take note.

Also....THIS is a great article in the June 2008 Parents magazine about this very subject.

July 2, 2008

Weekend trip to Packwood

Yep...that was on the way to the cabin in Packwood. She was shining all majestic in her glory just inviting us to come have a wonderful weekend....and that, we did. Our friends, A. & P. were gracious enough to host an amazing weekend at their cabin. We had a wonderful time, and think it should be a regular occasion....just we should float around to different folks' houses. We are surrounded by awesomeness, and well, I'm just so lucky. Sniffle.

A. Lee in her makeshift sandbox. Notice how she is covered from head to toe in dirt, yet is daintily testing that one spot with her little finger? Hilarious.
Yikes...close up of Mommy and A. Lee...but, ain't she CUTE? Her little baby blues kill me...even when she's not so excited to take some pictures.

Awwwwwwwww....Daddy and A. Lee playing some cornhole. My precious! Look at her gazing up at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job, Daddy! Y'all have a wonderful 4th of July! We're headed to Pine Mt. Lake to be with the Meyers clan and some more pretty awesome folks.