July 2, 2008

Weekend trip to Packwood

Yep...that was on the way to the cabin in Packwood. She was shining all majestic in her glory just inviting us to come have a wonderful weekend....and that, we did. Our friends, A. & P. were gracious enough to host an amazing weekend at their cabin. We had a wonderful time, and think it should be a regular occasion....just we should float around to different folks' houses. We are surrounded by awesomeness, and well, I'm just so lucky. Sniffle.

A. Lee in her makeshift sandbox. Notice how she is covered from head to toe in dirt, yet is daintily testing that one spot with her little finger? Hilarious.
Yikes...close up of Mommy and A. Lee...but, ain't she CUTE? Her little baby blues kill me...even when she's not so excited to take some pictures.

Awwwwwwwww....Daddy and A. Lee playing some cornhole. My precious! Look at her gazing up at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job, Daddy! Y'all have a wonderful 4th of July! We're headed to Pine Mt. Lake to be with the Meyers clan and some more pretty awesome folks.