October 17, 2008

AnnaLee(na) Ballerina

So, at our friend's birthday party last Saturday, another Mom told me about a Pre-Ballet class her local community center was having and how we should look into it! My friend, Dawn & I have been looking for just this type of class for over a year now, and man was I excited to get home and look it up and register Anna Lee in one of the last two spots available for this session.
Of course, we went shopping for her very first leotard, tights and can you get over those teensy capezios? The tutu she already had here and wanted to dance around before we left for class.
Oh, yes...class...that is a whole separate blog post....and once I can figure out how to post the video, I will....but, my sweet precious girl had a very hard time following the rules of staying on the "green line" and listening to the teacher. It was way more appealing to run around the gym and taunt the teacher while the other little girls did their thing. AnnaLee(na) spent most of our first class in time-out, and I left feeling sad for her, really....but, hopefully by the recital she'll get the jist of the green line....and maybe even a demi-plie, if I'm lucky.
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