November 7, 2008

How to Turn Around Habitual Irritation....

Thought I'd share this:

Get to the heart of it. What are you really mad about? If you dig deep, you’ll realize it probably isn’t about a stapler — or dirty socks on the floor, or an empty milk carton in the refrigerator, or any of the other small things that make you so frustrated.

Tune in to anger clues. Become aware of the actions and feelings associated with your irritation. When you’re enraged, do you ball your hands into fists? Pace around the room? Grumble, swear, or grit your teeth? As you identify and experience each physiological response, make a mindful effort to do something — anything — else.

Visualize peace. Try this technique to stop rising anger before it overtakes you. Imagine your breath as a wave, a surge of color, or even a breeze. Watch it come in and out; optimally each breath will be deep and quiet. Hear yourself speaking calmly and softly to yourself and to others. Your anger reflex should diminish another degree each time you do this imaging.

November 6, 2008

My Awesome Mom's response to an opinion letter I mailed to Anna's ballet teacher

"Laura, I think you answered your own dilemma; have a ballet class that teaches the fundamentals, and only take children that have been rejected in typical classes that are not understanding of spirtied children.
Give out your stickers to these children and channel your energy into change... Just as Obama has done, make change!
All my Love,
p.s. Tell my baby I have a book of stickers for her and the rest of the unconcerned world to KMA"