February 17, 2009

Pajama days

This week we're out of school and Mom's Day Out for mid-winter break. Lord, help us. And, of course, my sweet DH and I plan our first family vacation of the year when school is back in session. We're nuts....well, just beginners I guess when it comes to school break planning.
Anna Lee started a new preschool in January, and she's absolutely loving it. She also goes to a sweet Mom's Day Ou program on Wednesdays at a local Methodist church and let's just say, I'm used to those mornings.
Sadly, Anna began her break with an unexpected stomach bug on Sunday night late, and so we spent most of yesterday in our jammies and bathing/disinfecting/scrubbing sheets/mattress pads/our favorite animals and getting throw up out of her pillows. She only threw up once (thank goodness)....b/c I don't know how I would have handled more. I swear, that smell was in my nose for hours. Yuck.
Thankfully, we're back to normal this morning and eating and drinking just fine w/nothing coming out of either end, so Mommy is very happy.
Mommy is also still in her pj's right along w/Anna Lee, b/c I'm exhausted after all of that scrubbing yesterday.
Hooray for Netflix watch instantly and for Caillou begin on Netflix...
I feel like being totally lazy today or having all of my ladies and their kids over for a playdate this afternoon when it gets to be "arsenic hour", b/c most of our three year olds are done with their naps. Sad sad sigh.
I desperately need to upload some photographs and share some video of my cute babies. If not, you're sure to get some great ones after we get to not only meet our sweet baby cousin, Milena but the Disney princesses TOO...all in one week! I've got one sweet three year old here that is BEGGING for the airport so we can go to California, already.
Hope you're all still in your jammies, too...

February 5, 2009