August 30, 2009

Weekend funnies

Some hilarious phrases that Anna Lee said definitely were worthy of posting here....

AL: "Is Jesus a girl? Does she make all girls?"
Us: "Actually, Jesus was a boy, but God can be a girl, if you want."
AL: "Yeah, God IS a girl! She is very beautiful."

As we were riding in the car on the way back to the aquarium on I-5, she randomly says, "I wonder what Charlie Bug is up to...I bet he is up to NO GOOD."

Scott was hanging curtains for me in the dining room. I was eating lunch and reading and the girls were playing.
Anna tends to get high on energy if she's been inside too much, so we said, "Anna, do you want to go pull some weeds for us outside?"
She replied, "Nah..I'm playin' with Shelby Belb."
So, we went about what were doing. She came over about 5 minutes later, while Scott was hanging the other pair, and said, "Daddy, are you hangin' up those curtains so Mommy doesn't have to see those weeds?"

Bwahahaha. She's a cutie pie.