December 15, 2009


I fear that we may see our Anna Lee on that show in 10 years or so...
All kidding aside, I have to share this story. You'd be proud of me that instead of blowing up at my child, I decided to blog about the humor of it...but, SERIOUSLY?!

So, I have been inspired after seeing Julie and Julia, I've been motivated to try all of these delicious new recipes. So, I'm about two and half hours in to my Beef Bourguignonne by the time Scott gets home. I was pleasantly surprised that Anna Lee hadn't been trying to kill Shelby in the playroom and thought we had turned that glorious corner where these two sisters might just be enjoying playing together. Well, it turns out that Miss Anna was just distracted with her fun little habit.

Scott enters to his normal parade of girls hollerin' for Daddy and tackling him for hugs, and as I kiss him back, he tells me..."um, have you seen the Christmas tree, lately?".....Every ornament that Anna could reach was off of the tree and stacked gently in her toy kitchen. When asked, she said, "Hmm...someone took all of our ornaments and put them in my KITCHEN!"

I returned to my own kitchen and decided to ignore the toy one and miraculously my sweet husband and that same little elf that stole our ornaments put them right back where they belonged.

I wonder if our elf on the shelf should be on the naughty list for "his" larceny.