August 16, 2010

Hot fun in the summertime?

As a Southern woman, I know some heat. Two weeks ago, I was complaining about wearing sweatshirts in summer, and NOW I'm complaining about the 90+ degree heat.
Complain. Complain. Complain.
My negative attitude OF COURSE is spreading the yucky vibes to my kids, and instead of eating frozen popscicles or running in the sprinkler, or heading to the pool...we're whining about being sticky, and how the rule is two books off the shelf at a time (instead of say, the entire row that they could miraculously take willingly off of the shelf to their playroom, but need HELP - insert whine/cry- taking them back)....and dealing with allergies and runny noses and snot on our clothes..
Endless snot. Endless sticky.
But, then when my sweet DH gets home, he once again reminds all three of his ladies that it's only temporary, and we play My Little Ponies, water our garden, eat lettuce on taco salad from our garden and all is well again.