September 4, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Recently, my sweet MIL sent me an email and part of it was that she never heard from Mom has also mentioned this lately, and I started thinking about our daily schedule and reevaluating how to make time for the people in my life that are important. It's funny how different people function to me, and I'm not sure if this qualifies me as Type A, but I definitely love structure and thrive when there is a "schedule". My DH is the same way, and so naturally it makes sense that we follow routine in our household. But, that shouldn't mean that the every day hustle and bustle interferes with connecting with the most important people in our lives, ESPECIALLY our mothers.
As a mother, I've learned to be in tune for my little angels, making sure that oh, you know, they're not pulling hair or falling down the stairs or walking out the front door. I know I'll watch over my babies long after I'm really supposed to, and have often been told I should read, Free Range Kids so that I don't go nuts. So, I know our mothers don't just turn that off...and wonder how I'll be when the nest is empty and wondering about their daily lives, and if I'll get a call or a letter on that day. It's enough to wish I were a better daughter constantly sending photos, and updating our blog and sending cute coloring pages, and hand-made art to uplift them on a regular basis. Humph...well, I could beat myself up, or I could just do all of those things or manage our daily lives and send a few reminders of how much we truly love our families, so they know how much we love and appreciate them and really are thinking about them constantly.
I've decided to do this blog makeover in an effort to do all of those things and keep my family updated on our everyday lives...some of them mundane, some of them awesome, and b/c I hope one day as a grandmother that I get photos of my sweeties often.
Today is Saturday and I've been following a certain cleaning lady online for a few years now, whose sole purpose is to help you stay on top of your household a day at a time so that you never have to do a three hour weekly clean and can focus on your family. I've decided to once in a while include this daily tip here for inspiration.
Saturdays are family days! cleaning! It's all about having fun with your partner, kiddos, doggies and whoever else you consider your family. Some of the examples are watch a family movie together, play games together, picnic, or bowling..whatever suits your fancy.
The other thing we've started doing lately is praying together as a family. I try very hard to make time for a daily devotion to keep my spirit in check, and the Griffiths recommended this book for our girls, and we all love it. It's part of our morning routine.
I also think it's important to read and think about a daily verse, and so I'll do my best to include that's in the girls' devotion is, "If you need wisdom-if you want to know what God wants you to do--ask Him.~James 1:5
For now, I think God wants me to be in the present and enjoy this beautiful life I've been blessed with.
Have a great day!