November 27, 2011


I'm sitting in bed right now with my two little girls watching some Dora pirate story. We are enjoying our feast of saltine crackers and sprite, pepto and tylenol. Yep, you guessed it...the stomach bug has officially landed here at the Meyers' house. This entire week we had so much fun with our Nona, celebrating Anna Lee's sixth birthday and Thanksgiving, and shopping and movies and EATING....and now we're snuggled trying to recover. MAJOR BUMMER! We had a wonderful Gingerbread house event this evening at Shelby's preschool, and most of my Daisy Scouts were scheduled to attend. Another bummer! Thankfully, they are saving our kit and we'll get to it when we can. I always find it hard to slow down like this. I worry about laundry that needs to be done, decorations that need to be put up, disinfecting that needs to be happening in restrooms, and then I look over at my girls and realize how much I love we've been in bed together all day. It's warm, snuggly and despite the queasiness, everyone is cozy and together. Last year, I bought the book The 12 Ways Of Christmas by Dr. David Jeremiah. My Dad had been reading his daily devotions and so I figured that book would be a good addition to our libraries. The last two years, I decided to follow this guide when shopping for our girls. I love how simple and consistent it is...and it's usually as their Mommy what would be satisying to me, also. But, this year, I thought how awesome it would be to try and pick the aspects Dr. Jeremiah highlights, "wonder, sacrifice, humility, charity, creativity, simplicity, affection, reflection, giving, children, music, and tradition" and incorporate those aspects into our holiday season. Will it slow us down so that we experience it together? That is the hope, because this feels darn good. I also want to do a Jesse Tree for the first time, as well. Pray that Daddy's stomach stays strong as steel!