October 31, 2012

Another before and after!!!!

Well, this week I've been busy on some Ladderback chairs I bought! They will be in our kitchen, and even though they haven't been distressed or waxed,yet, I wanted to show them off. Before:
and, here's after:
I've decided chairs are DEFINITELY my least favorite project to paint! But, I'm pleased with how they look in my kitchen! Halloween is approaching, and I'm so looking forward to spending it with my best friends and my sweet little family! Have a wonderful day!

October 24, 2012

I keep saying I'm back, I'm back. Yeah, that was just a fake out. Well, how about this time I make a REAL attempt at keeping up. Recently, I've developed a love for painting furntiture. Here's an example of a recnet project. Before:
And, here is after!
Well, what do you think?

April 27, 2012

More art fun!!!

Well, we were busy bees this afternoon. But, it sure is amazing how much they love to create. I saw this cute cherry blossom craft on Pinterest, and just so happened to have a 24 oz. Coke Zero bottle leftover from Goodwill this morning, so we got ready!

Shelby began saying how she didn't like her tree, and how it didn't look like tree branches at all, etc. But, with some gentle encouragement and a big hug, she stuck it out, and is really proud of how her tree came out. I'm really loving the confidence it's giving her, so guess I'll be hunting this great website my friend, Anna told me about.

Music selection during art today, Mr. Coltrane. Here are a few more from today. I love how our umbrellas turned out. Anna's been memorizing poetry too (I know, it's the English Major in me)...so, I got them to do watercolor rain with umbrellas, glitter paint and sequins! If you want to pause the music, and listen to her, here's a stinking cute video of her reciting it.

All in.....or maybe, not...

Something we've started back this week is "Mommy School".

Last year, before Anna Lee started Kindergarten, I really struggled with the unknown. Will she be challenged enough?, could/should I be doing more, how can I give her what she truly needs?..etc.

With all of those thoughts rolling around in my mind, I purchased some homeschool curriculum as a supplement to what she would have offered to her in public school.

Recently, I enrolled Shelby in a short three week community art class for parents and their children. Despite my frustration with the teacher's ability to relate to preschoolers, I was mostly upset by Shelby's frustration with herself for her artwork. She seemed to want it to be perfect, or like Anna's, or ask for constant help. Of course, as her Mama, I want her to feel proud and confident, and really took it to heart that perhaps I could/should be doing more for her.

I'd just started reading a childhood/young adulthood friend of mine's blog, and she has greatly inspired me to be more for my kiddos. One post in particular on fingerpainting seemed so relevant here. Everyone has their own style or method of creating, even with fingerpainting, and it just looked so fun, I wanted to capture their reactions as Becca had.

I love how different my children are. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Anyway, huge thanks to BeccaG.G., for motivation and inspiration. We had a lot of fun! And, yes, Mrs. G., I bought the fingerpaints!