April 27, 2012

More art fun!!!

Well, we were busy bees this afternoon. But, it sure is amazing how much they love to create. I saw this cute cherry blossom craft on Pinterest, and just so happened to have a 24 oz. Coke Zero bottle leftover from Goodwill this morning, so we got ready!

Shelby began saying how she didn't like her tree, and how it didn't look like tree branches at all, etc. But, with some gentle encouragement and a big hug, she stuck it out, and is really proud of how her tree came out. I'm really loving the confidence it's giving her, so guess I'll be hunting this great website my friend, Anna told me about.

Music selection during art today, Mr. Coltrane. Here are a few more from today. I love how our umbrellas turned out. Anna's been memorizing poetry too (I know, it's the English Major in me)...so, I got them to do watercolor rain with umbrellas, glitter paint and sequins! If you want to pause the music, and listen to her, here's a stinking cute video of her reciting it.