March 16, 2017

Does anyone blog anymore?!!!

I've taken a MAJOR hiatus from this puppy since Anna Lee's accident. It has been difficult to slow down and make time for daily writing. A few months ago, I decided to quit my job and dedicate myself fully to my family and complete healing from the trauma of almost losing a daughter. It has been many years of busying myself with obligations, schedules, full calendars and lots of NOISE to not think about that. Before I completely imploded, I decided it would most likely be best to slow down and begin again. I don't want the next 4 years to fly by in a blur..only documented by snippets on Facebook....

Once I found myself in the quiet, there were a few separate occasions where family and friends suggested picking that up again, and allowing those creative juices to flow. So, here we are...short and sweet for now..and maybe a post or two a week and we'll be on to something.

I recently read a book by Glennon Doyle Melton, her Love Warrior. One of the many reasons I love Glennon, is her hard core honesty. What she writes is who she is. It could be a completely shitty day, or a day filled with crazy love...she writes about it honestly. I am tired of the fa├žade of most social media outlets...and, quite honestly, the social anxiety I allow it to cause me. It certainly makes organizing easy, and I can keep up (mostly) with family and friends far away from me, but I am craving a new path.

I also must admit that this is all entirely necessary, because the daily political fight was giving me literal panic attacks. My activism needed to be narrowed WAY down to how I can make a difference right here in my home first. When DeVos and Sessions were pushed through...I found myself crying through a book club with women I have known, loved and trusted for 10+years...and going to bed that night scared for what my daughters' future would be like. I am still trying to make sense of how the eff we got here...but, realize that what I do have control of over the next 4 years is mothering, being a wife, and dedicating myself to the girls' education/school board/PTO, writing letters and making phone calls. It's also WAY healthier for my sanity.

Here are things on my new pathway to do list:
6-Week Chakra/Meditation/Gentle Flow Series that began last week at Yogafamily.
Brew my own Kombucha.
Begin my Geocaching mission (from my cousin, Erin) with my girls.
Take more photographs with my CAMERA.
Meditate and pray with my Mala, handmade by Element of Sri.
#optoutside with my weiner dogs.
READ (Currently: A General Theory of Love and Rules of Civility).
Spend quality time with my family.
Plan our Spring Break (details to come!!).
Write letters--like real letters to my loved ones.
Plan Shelby's 9th Birthday Party. Theme: Pusheen the Cat..
Brush up on my coding skills..

Pretty long list there...laundry, feeding my family, cleaning my house and our taxes should probably be added to that...but, meh.. :).
It feels so great to be back! It is sunny here in my suburb of Seattle, so I am going to sign off and get some of that wonderful sunshine on my face!